Businerss opportunities handphone service & second handphone sales

Business opportunities HP service and second HP Sales

Almost every person at this time cannot be far from the human, now electronic goods are goods that must exist in every home, even almost everyone has electronic goods, for example, the mobile phone.

Electronic goods today are not a luxury item, electronic goods have become a necessity for people in the present, because electronic goods have many benefits that have an influence on individuals you like television as entertainment or see news, a refrigerator to store food , laptop / pc to do tasks or watch movies, mobile phones to communicate and work.

Thus we can conclude that almost everyone needs electronic goods. This time I will discuss used electronic items or even broken electronic items to be a great source of profit. Electronic goods that I will discuss is the present day mobile phone called a smartphone.

Today almost one person who needs a smartphone cannot even get off with a smartphone, because in the smartphone there are many features that can be used to meet our needs, such as we want to communicate with friends who can do, send job documents or schoolwork, up to you can do with a smartphone, lots of smartphone benefits.

Here I will explain how to make money damaged, Needed every person who needs this smartphone, then it can create an opportunity to open, but before doing this business you must have knowledge in the field of electronics and machines and how to Install the smartphone.The first step in starting this business

1. Finding then buy a broken smartphone as much as possible

This is the first step is to buy a broken smartphone as much as possible to get the cheapest price.

2. Start using the HP that has been purchased for processing

After purchasing the damaged HP earlier, you can sort the hp that is still in the repair and not, for the HP that cannot be repaired you can take advantage of the components in the HP is then used in the HP that can still be repaired, then resold at a price to adjust market, easy is not it?

3. Components taken from damaged HP are used for HP services

In addition to repairing damaged HP for resale, of you can also utilize components from HP that cannot be repaired for auto parts to open HP service.

4. Working with HP spare parts suppliers

In order to keep a maximum profit although HP's sale price will not be high then look for the supplier of spare parts HP is the cheapest but have good quality and then invite cooperation, so you can subscribe in buying spare parts, and usually if a subscription and buy spare parts in the amount many will get a discount.

5. Target market

Target consumer is the middle down, because the second electronic enthusiasts are usually the middle class down because their income is not too high therefore they will think 2x to buy a new HP because their income is not only used to buy HP alone but also to meet the basic needs, well surely they will think if you can get the same item with a cheaper price, although the former why not, as long as the goods can still be used.

6. Marketing Strategy

Well for a new business thing to do one of them is to arrange marketing strategy of the goods, such as promotions by distributing brochures but this is now rarely done because there is a more practical promotion that is through online, one of them through social media Instagram, you can ask for help from accounts that have many followers  to recommend your products to potential customers. You can also take advantage of applications to buy and sell products on your smartphone.

This effort can generate many benefits, because only capitalize damaged HP then with your energy, you fix it become normal HP again, you can take advantage of it, such as purchasing HP dead 200.000 after you repair like total cost 300.000 total cost 500.000 if you sell at a price of 800,000 you have got a profit instead. If the HP you buy is not repairable you can pick up the parts and use them in your service parts.

7. Excellent service

Provide satisfactory service to every customer who come try the workmanship of HP maximum service so that consumers are satisfied and happy because the money that he spends is not in vain, because if the process is arbitrary and the workmanship results obtained is not maximal which causes the HP recurrence again  will surely make the consumer disappointed and will not trust your service again to serve as a subscription. Your business image will go down because of the services you provide are not satisfactory.

According to the news - news that I have read the advantages of selling used HP with HP new profits earned greater HP second because the HP price is not stable and easy to go down. In the business of sales and service of HP is needed a skill that matures and must often - often see the state of the market and the price offered must be able to adjust the market. provide a guarantee to convince consumers of your product.

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