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The property is one of the lands for investing, which includes properties such as the following, namely the House and land, why it can be said as a land investment? Well, here I will explain the sense of the property itself.

According to KBBI property is a property in the form of land and buildings as well as infrastructure and facilities that are part of which is inseparable from the land and/or buildings that are meant, land and buildings.

Everyone definitely needs a property because the property is a basic requirement of human beings after clothing and food. In addition to Staples/primer besides that also can be used as land for future investment.

Because the longer the land available in all this is getting a bit of a look at the population growth from year to year has increased, with limited land availability and the demand continues to increase, then the resulting in an imbalance of the market Certainly, with property prices will continue to rise from year to year which affected by the request.

Such circumstances can serve as business opportunities in the field of property because the human needs of the properties have a value of high demand then surely the chance to grab profits in property business is so large. But if you want to build business properties but do not have enough capital, you can become a property agent.

Property agent is a business whose job it is to market the property for example like land and houses belonging to others, property agents as intermediaries in the sale of the property is a term that is widely known as a REALTOR.

Opportunities open up sizable property agent business because property owners typically require the services of marketing to trade off its property. Why the owners prefer to use the services of property on the sell it yourself, it's usually because the owner had another flurry of businesses market the maximum not so but it wants its property immediately salable. by using the services of an agent the property, the owner will sell its assets more quickly without having to bother about time.

Other reasons also due to market a product that is not easy let alone with a value that is not a slight, need for skill in marketing the property, the solution that is working with property agents
Assignment of property agents namely offers the property to all walks of life either through online or offline and then bring together buyers and property owners. 

Just this time I will discuss business online property agents, now it is plenty of buying and selling is done through online, because it is considered more effective and reach a broader community because it can be accessed by the entire world community. 
So the opportunity to get consumers the greater profits that automatically big will we get only with expert skill marketing and capitalization cost that is not great.


In addition to the capital cost of the small advantage of being another property, the agent will generate considerable profits. Usually from the knowledge that I can be the agent will earn a 2%-3% from the sale of the property subject to the agreement between the agent with the owner.
for example in areas such as property agents managed to trade off a client's property worth 800 million to calculate just how much the wages earned, if it gets a Commission of 3% of sales then the property agent will receive a reward in the amount of 24 million, just not big enough with the skill of expert marketing as well as enterprising effort can get that much income. 
The advantage of a property agent is indeed very tantalizing, especially now against market demand as well as much residential housing also built to meet market demand.

With many housing developments when the project was finished past requires properties to help market the property. 
Tips for running a business online property agents

1. Mentally Prepare
Need to be mentally strong through this business while got a denial of taking action against the service you offer. You should familiarize yourself with a State. 

You also have to wait, patience is one of the things important in running this business because as a beginner usually property will be sold in quite a long time. 

Then this is where the required capabilities of the Agent in extending its network, you should also wait in the service of prospective buyers that have different characters.

2. specify the target objectives
Before starting this venture, you should determine who the customers, such as consumer in the rural or in urban areas  

A large number of property agents in urban areas, you may have to take the opportunities in the countryside yet many property agents, so your chances of getting a lot of consumers.

3. Add to Knowledge about the Property
in starting a business agent of the property you h


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